Freedom will endure for so long as the memories of the sacrifices of the multitudes that fought to ensure it are preserved.  The harmony of disparate forces is tested every day by the dissonant voices increasingly at the center of modern society.  The cost to defend our liberty and civility cannot compare to the price paid by the many who died and are interned in the lands they came to protect.

The goal of the Foundation is to preserve the legacy of our forefathers by engaging the community near and far to educate and carry the message of why the cemeteries and memorials of an increasingly distant time stand sentinel to the peace that we have enjoyed.

The Foundation’s only source of funding is the generous donations of the patrons who share the vision that the battlefields of the last century are worth preserving to ensure that they will never be used again.  We would welcome your donations.

The ABM foundation is proud to be the primary support organization for the ABMC.

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